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Design the kitchen of your dreams!
Let's talk ideas.
Kitchen design- $2,000-3,000+

   The kitchen is where you are going to spend a lot of time. A kitchen renovation is the most intrusive project. It's important we take this just as seriously as you do. A good kitchen renovation and successful project require plans.

What we offer:

-Detailed measurements of the space

-Concept review

-New cabinetry layout

-Lighting configuration

-Scope of work creation

-Cost to do the project INCLUDING allowances for materials still needing specified.

Design/planning work is provided on a time and material contract of which everyone's situation for customization is different. We'll ask for a retainer and the remainder when complete. 

Do we meet some of your criteria already?
On-Site review- $125
within 2 weeks we can be on site

Step #2: We offer for our project manager to meet with you at your home. Your time is valuable. You're looking for a partner in this. Our core value is to keep a project manager active in our projects. We've made sure we set our company up just right to take all of the best steps to setup you up for a successful remodeling project. We send an active project manager to you to discuss all of the parameters of your project. Using our experience and knowledge in our field we can help navigate through the remodeling process. If we can find the chance to reference price we will! If we see issues to consider we'll bring them up. You can count on us to be on your side.


Project documents-

Price varies by project

Get your plans in order!

timelines vary based on the scope of the project

Step #3: Get the documents you need to accurately define your project. Fine Remodeling offers home renovation and interior design services tailored to your needs as it should be. Full management of a project by a licensed and bonded general contractor is the  way to make your home renovation run smooth. Our goal is a stress free project for you. The scope of a project will be discussed and outlined in the design contract which will be drawn up after the initial consultation. 

27 Jamine Drive.jpg


Get craftsmen on site

our construction availability is typically 3-4 months out

The team at Fine Remodeling will turn your ideas, designs, and plans into a solid building beneath your feet. As your general contractor, we work closely with your design and pre-construction team to safely and efficiently execute your plan. Fine Remodeling offers general contracting services for bid and negotiated bid projects. With years of building experience, we are our clients’ partner in ensuring their project is adhering to the schedule, quality, and budget agreed upon. Our dedication to keeping our project sites safe and organized contributes to our ability to adapt to any challenges that arise on the site. Our general contracting services keep our clients’ goals at the forefront as each piece of the construction process starts to fit together. Our competence and experience result in projects completed at the highest levels of quality, value, and safety.

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