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"Construction Method" Monday

Updated: May 25, 2020

Let's talk kitchen remodeling. When do you paint? Before cabinets or after cabinets? There is an argument to be made for each method.

Painting before cabinetry is installed means that you may avoid the possibility of getting paint overspray on your brand new cabinets. Painting before cabinet install also means that the finished surfaces will be around longer potentially requiring paint touch-ups at the end of the project. Touching up paint can work. Typically paint in a kitchen has a sheen (eggshell, satin, low-sheen satin) to deal with the odors, fumes, and moisture from cooking; touching up paint with a sheen usually does not yield a good result. Finished surfaces may need protection from job site wear.

Painting after the cabinetry is installed is easier and more difficult for a few reasons. Walls and ceilings seems to attract holes through a project's lifecycle. Painting later in the project can assure the tasks is done once. All of the finished products will need to be protected to avoid paint splatter hitting finished surfaces. Prepping the area and painting around objects will take longer than painting a blank room.

Why would you choose to paint before or after cabinetry?

Taking into account the pros and cons of each situation, shifting/ adjusting the scope of work's schedule is part of the management of a construction project.

In the end, our belief is that it's best left up to the general contractor & project manager to make the right decisions for the product promised to the customer. It's part of our job to manage the projects in real time and that responsibility means adjusting as needed to deliver a high-value project to our clients.

Invest in your happiness; remodel your home.

Fine Remodeling

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