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Fine Remodeling Subcontractor Resource Page

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Welcome to Fine Remodeling Construction Company. We work to keep excellent relationships with our subcontractors. We know you are assets to the success of our projects and company. On this page, is some documentation we have to have to work together. We know the struggles of the small business. We are still a small business ourselves with 7 employees. If you have questions and/or need help with any of these administrative tasks please call, email, text, whatever-you-have-to-do and we want to help in your success. Ask for Randy.

Please submit your W-9, IHHI agreement, insurance certificate, and other forms to (these forms must be in to receive payment)

-W-9 Form

-Indemnification, Hold, Harmless, and Insurance Agreement

-Worker's Comp policy or exemption form

-Certificate of Insurance: "Fine Remodeling, 2516 W 3rd Street, Wilmington DE 19805" listed of certificate holder (ask your insurance agent for this)

-Do you have a written workmanship warranty? Submit it with your other paperwork.

***If you are having trouble with this paperwork and are currently working without the proper licensing and insurance we may be open to putting you on our payroll and paying the taxes and insurance out of your check as an employee. We pay well, are easy to work with, and are happy to help you grow.

Jobsite Rules/Policies:

-Rule# 1

Clean up your mess! We are drilling, cutting, and fabricating to make our client's dreams come true. It's so important for us to keep great impressions with our clients. Clean work and a clean site gives us the flexibility to tackle any obstacle with the clients on our side. We try to keep a collection bin on site but it's your responsibility to make sure your work and where you've worked look great.

-Rule# 2

Refer to rule number one!

Let's make some money doing what we are good at and have a passion for: building!

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