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Welcome to the Subcontractor Resource Page for subcontractors of Fine Remodeling Construction Company. We have excellent relations with Subcontractors, as assets to the success of our projects. On this page, in the links below, are important resources for our subcontractors and, importantly, policies that subcontractors must observe in the performance of their work.

Any subcontractors with questions or concerns about any of the information below, may contact us at any time for clarification.

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W-9 Form

Indemnification, Hold, Harmless, and Insurance Agreement

Certificate of Insurance: "Fine Remodeling, 2516 W 3rd Street, Wilmington DE 19805" listed of certificate holder

Worker's Comp policy or exemption form


Clean up your mess! We are drilling holes, cutting materials, and fabricating to make our client's dreams come true. It's so important for us to keep a great impression with our clients. Clean work and a clean site gives us the flexibility to tackle any obstacle with the clients on our side. We try to keep a collection bin on site but it's your responsibility to make sure your work and where you've worked look great.

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