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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a home improvement project can be overwhelming. To help kick-start your planning and get you in a renovation frame of mind, we’ve pulled a list of our top questions clients ask us.

Client: When can we get our project scheduled?

Us: Please expect our project schedule to already be booked for weeks to a few months. Don’t worry; It generally takes some time to get to that point. Remember, we need to review & plan your project first.


Client: Can I select my own materials?

Us: Yes, we can also assist in picking materials. Come to us no matter the stage of planning and we will be glad to assist. We can get you into a design session where we can help you get the planning process going. That means spending some time to get an idea of what you want. We’ll then be able to gather the information we need to create a project plan to start. 


Client: Can you assist me in the entire process to get my project to construction?

Us: The process is simple; get a scope of work, get any appropriate drawings to convey a rendering of the final product, get under contract, pick the finish materials to be used on the project, and let us get to building your dreams.


Client: What are your hours of operation?

Us: Monday through Friday 8am-5pm EST, we operate from our job sites and are occasionally in the office. We can respond to phone calls and emails regularly. We observe 5 federal holidays throughout the year


Client: Who is going to be in my home?

Us: We have a small staff of builders/remodelers and we have relationships with other contractors in our area. We all work together to provide your services. Ultimately, we are the responsible party and we maintain communication, project management, and job site organization. 

Client: How much is the deposit on a project?

Us: We install a 50%(deposit) +100% of the material allowances,30%(milestone),15%(milestone),5%(significant completion) payment schedule. Any change orders during the project will be due as they are completed. We will set milestones of job completion for payments.

Client: I work from home, will I be able to stay home during the day to work? Will I be able to occupy the home during construction?

Us: Absolutely. Remember that construction can be a loud, dusty, and a long process to live through. We will discuss whether or not the home/adjacent rooms should be occupied. We operate regularly in occupied homes and take the appropriate precautions like protecting finished surfaces, setting up dust barriers, and providing different forms of air extraction.

Client: How much will things cost?

Us: We price projects individually. In our experience we've seen a few hundred dollars spent to upgrade a bathroom to well over one hundred thousand dollars spent on a bathroom upgrade. We are happy to discuss and ultimately provide the amount of the investment you'll need to make so we can build what you dream of.

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