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Going on the Remodeling Journey as Contractor and Client

From our previous blog, we established that as a general contractor, one of our goals is empowering our customers so that they can have a memorable experience when any part of their home undergoes remodeling. To us, we’d like for such an occasion to almost be like an adventure. Professionalism is a must for us to achieve this, and this is a mentality we find shared in Homeowner’s Guide to Stress-Free Remodeling by Emma Auriemma-McKay, who is an architect within the remodeling world. This is a perspective shared by professionals, and we’d like to explore it more as we traverse Auriemma-McKay’s guide. Specifically, we’d like to continue with how we try and make the remodeling experience an adventure for our client, and that it is an adventure that involves both them and us as their contractor.

To make the journey enjoyable, Auriemma-McKay stresses the importance of the client feeling comfortable. This can mean the client feeling reassured that the project is in professional hands, as well as them having enough knowledge about the project to know it’s proceeding well. To ensure comfort, Auriemma-McKay brings up the concept of language. She mentions that if you were to travel somewhere that spoke a different language, knowing just basic phrases would help immensely. The same can be said for the remodeling world. Our clients gain confidence when they are informed and aware, and a key step to this is making sure they understand our communication . By knowing terminology, not only are our clients able to understand remodeling discussions better, but it also allows them to ask more direct questions and be more involved with the process. Experience and professionalism is key in a contractor as they are well-equipped with this terminology and how to relay it to those outside of the remodeling world.

When we empower customers, we hope it leads them to a situation where they can be more involved with their project. Auriemma-McKay mentions that clients can be the dreamers while contractors can help keep their dream in check. Consulting with a professional about design choices can not only expand the directions a project can go, but also cross out what avenues aren’t viable. Experienced contractors are vital because they’ve seen situations where certain methods don’t work and so on, far more than the average person. Meanwhile, the client can have their own fresh perspective that the contractor can work off of, allowing both client and contractor to contribute to making a memorable project. By having a professional involved, time and money can be saved.

A remodeling project is a huge task, and as such the payoff should be even bigger. By empowering our customers, we believe they will enjoy their project more due to being more involved and comfortable, allowing these projects to be more than just construction work. Here at Fine Remodeling, we believe going beyond the standard so that each project we undertake is more than just a task to complete, but rather a journey we go on with our clients. This is a standard we hold ourselves to, and a standard that pays off for our clients. Get in touch with us about your next renovation project so you can be sure it's done right the first time. Visit our contact us page and see our calendar to select a day/time for a discussion about your project.


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