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How We Go Above And Beyond as a Contractor

When a remodeling project is initially being thought out, there are multiple choices to be considered. How large is the budget? What is the desired outcome of the project? When would be the best time to start? There’s no shortage of decision making processes, and each choice should be carefully thought out to have a truly successful project. However, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right contractor for the job. As such, as a contractor, we believe in the importance of setting ourselves apart through the resources we have, the standards we hold ourselves to, and how we are structurally set up.

The equipment we use is vital for all the work we do, and not every contractor will be equipped with the same resources. Our company has a fully equipped shop along with a carpentry crew, giving us the space and skills necessary to complete almost any task needed for construction. We also have a vehicle to help us store and transport materials. Along with this, we like to invest in equipment that helps us maintain a quality work environment. We have air scrubbing machines that help us keep the cleanest work/construction environment that we can have. When it comes to any project, we won't be held back or limited by the equipment we have.

How a contractor conducts their work can also vary—for our company, we follow procedures that we believe are best, conclusions that we have come to from experience and from following industry set guidelines. One procedure we follow is completing house inspections, during which we review work that’s either been done by us or subcontractors, using guidelines for evaluation. This ensures quality work is being completed, and another thing we do for this outcome is constantly check the plans we made. Steps that we took when planning don’t become obsolete once construction starts—we make sure to refer to our plans and adjust them as necessary. While the project unravels, we want to make sure the choices we make adhere to our plans. Typically, plans may need to be altered to better fit with the reality unfolding on-site, so we take steps to ensure that if this happens; we adjust the plan in the best way possible through referencing industry guidelines and our own experience.

Lastly, our company is set up uniquely—in a way that we believe generates the most productivity and quality. Our setup is similar to a hierarchy where certain tasks are delivered to groups that are best suited to carrying them out. We have a project manager/owner, site supervisor, and then carpenters. Our project manager is focused on making sure commitments made to the customer are being met. This means certain standards in communication are being carried out. Down from the project manager, we have a site supervisor who is our lead carpenter. Our site supervisor is able to monitor operations on the site in more detail, being there in person to oversee the work being done to make sure it is completed at the desired quality. The site supervisor also has a responsibility to work through design challenges by generating creative solutions. Below our supervisor, we have our carpenters in a training program that accurately places them with tasks they are best equipped to handle. Overall, this structure not only ensures that every facet of work is covered, but that it is distributed in the best possible way to meet our standards.

As a contractor, how we operate is something we've reached through years of experience, through seeing what works and what does not. We believe the way we conduct work contributes to a project's success, which allows us to meet the wants and needs of our customers so they know they made the right decision choosing us. Here at Fine Remodeling, we are your Delaware contractor devoted to delivering projects of only the highest quality. Get in touch with us about your next renovation project so you can be sure it's done right the first time. Visit our contact us page and see our calendar to select a day/time for a discussion about your project.


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