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Why does foundation drainage matter?

During any sort of construction project, the last thing anyone wants to do is shell out money to cover damages that could have been avoided. Water damage can easily ruin the foundation of a remodeling project, and can be costly to fix. Not only does water damage threaten the structural integrity of a building, it also causes damage to any living space below ground. By utilizing a foundation drainage system, not only do you prevent these damages, it’s far cheaper and easier to put in a drainage system than to fix water damage.

A foundation drainage system is meant to keep water away from a foundation. This system can include the use of slopes around the building’s perimeter as well as pipes in order to divert water away. Though some foundations can have a waterproofing treatment applied to them, they aren’t able to withstand heavy amounts of water, making the diversion of water the best method.

Not only are drainage systems good preventative measures against damage, they are required by the International Residential Code (IRC).The IRC states that “drains shall be provided around concrete/masonry foundations that retain earth and enclose habitable or usable spaces below grade.” The IRC also dictates where and how the drainage system is installed, as drainage tiles, pipes, and other approved materials “shall be installed at or below the top of the footing or below the bottom of the slab and shall discharge by gravity or mechanical means”.

With them being required by the IRC in most cases and the benefits alone of having one, foundation drainage systems are a must for any renovation project. So, the drainage necessary for the success of your project should be done right. Here at Fine Remodeling, we are your Delaware contractor dedicated to making sure this happens. Call to review your next project with us so you can trust it’s done right the first time.

E-mail and/or call 302-635-0375 to have a specific discussion about your dream project. It's our duty to help guide you as best we can.

Invest in your happiness; remodel your home.

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