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Enjoying the Journey of Remodeling: What Does Professionalism Mean to Us?

Remodeling any home is a momentous occasion in a homeowner’s life that can be described as a journey. It should then go without saying that it’s best to be prepared beforehand. Clients that are new to remodeling may initially feel overwhelmed when delving into this adventure, and one of our goals as a contractor is not only to make this experience stress-free, but rewarding. In her book Homeowner’s Guide to Stress-Free Remodeling, Emma Auriemma-McKay reflects on her own journey in home remodeling and her methods of overcoming any stress associated with remodeling. Much of this comes from professionalism and experience, and this mentality explains why we approach projects the way we do as a contractor. It should go without saying that professionalism matters, but why is a whole different question to explore.

As said before, remodeling can be thought of as an adventure--an experience that should be enjoyable, but ultimately requires proper planning. Auriemma-McKay relays her own experience of starting out with remodeling, with planning and experience being regarded as her best tools in confronting projects. Having a put-together budget, realistic expectations, a handle on the projected timeline, and so on, were factors that contributed to her success, and these are traits often reflected in professional work. At Fine Remodeling, we strive for professionalism, but not only because of how it translates to a project’s success. Our goal is not only to complete a project to a level of satisfaction, but to go beyond that, and one way we achieve this is through empowering our customers. Whenever we approach a project, we want our clients to feel comfortable and confident with how their project progresses, and we aim to achieve this through not only being professional and completing quality work, but by also giving customers the confidence they need so they know their project is proceeding as planned.

How does professionalism translate to empowering customers, and why does this matter to us? Why should customers care? This gets back to the point of imagining remodeling as an adventure--this is a process that should be pleasurable for customers. When we display professionalism, this should instill a baseline level of confidence in our clients. However, we strive to build upon and nurture this confidence, and one way we do this is through keeping our clients informed. As professionals, we want to relay how we approach a project and why in a way that our client’s can understand. Projects are completed to adhere to industry guidelines, and while we can tell a client this, it’s even better if we can explain why. We don’t simply follow guidelines for the sake of the project being up to code, but because these guidelines ensure a project can function properly and be safe. If stairs have to be installed a certain way, it’s because the method used guarantees they can properly support weight. If exterior walls have to meet certain performance guidelines, it’s so they can withstand the elements, and so on. We don’t want to just finish a project, but to make sure it is done at the highest standard possible.

Auriemma-McKay tells that in her experience, as she worked on more and more projects, she developed methods to help her clients understand the process, and the process became more smooth because clients weren’t confused. When we inform our clients, we try to empower them by giving them as much knowledge as possible, so they can have a firm grasp on their project and make well-informed decisions. We believe this makes the process more enjoyable for our clients, as they can be more involved with their project. If we can answer their questions in a way that our clients are able to understand, they themselves will understand why a project takes the direction it takes and can be more involved with that direction. This gives the client a level of comfort, again allowing for their home remodeling experience to not be a time of stress but of excitement.

As your Delaware contractor, we strive for more than just completing a job to an acceptable standard, because when you invest time and money into something as important as a home, you should receive a product that is above and beyond. Every step we take in the process of remodeling reflects this goal of ours, because the importance of professionalism can’t be stressed enough. We view every project as a journey we go on with our clients, and we want it to be something they can reflect on fondly. Get in touch with us about your next renovation project so you can be sure it's done right the first time. Visit our contact us page and see our calendar to select a day/time for a discussion about your project.


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