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Five Important Steps for a Successful Project

Any remodeling project has multiple steps and parts to ensure it is completed to a professional standard. In Emma Auriemma-McKay’s Homeowner’s Guide to Stress-Free Remodeling, she lists five important steps to go through during a project outside the realm of construction. As an architect, these are steps that Auriemma-McKay has deemed important through experience and things going wrong when said steps weren’t taken seriously. As a contractor that wants to bring professionalism to all the jobs we take on, we also believe in the importance of these steps.

The first step is to envision and evaluate. According to Auriemma-McKay, this includes “collecting images of what you want your remodel to look like” as this will help with communication between client and contractor. As contractors, we want to help our clients by empowering them to an extent that they are involved in as many decision-making processes as they want. This may require teaching terminology so clients can ask certain questions as well as respond, but images can help as there is no language barrier. By having images, diagrams, and other visual resources, everyone can be on the same page for a project. This means the project will be executed in the manner that the client wanted while still meeting certain requirements due to the contractor’s involvement. Images also help visualize a project, so changes can be made before the project is more substantial if necessary.

After envision and evaluate is research, which goes hand in hand with what’s been said in our earlier blogs about planning. Auriemma-McKay emphasizes the importance of research by bringing up issues such as restrictions. For example, if there is a roof height restriction, this may end up as a barrier in certain projects. Since these are codes that must be followed, it’s best to know all restrictions before planning layouts, doing construction, and so on. Otherwise, time and money will contribute to a part of the project that has to be completely redone. The next step involves finances, which is also a key part in planning. Similar to restrictions, if a project is planned way outside the provided budget, money is lost. If the error is realized too late, time and money will be lost on trying to change the project into something more manageable. When a professional contractor is involved, these are issues that they should have experience with and now how to avoid. Professionals will know about restrictions or will have the resources necessary to find them out before going ahead with a project. All of this is to guarantee a project moves in the best direction.

The last two steps Auriemma-McKay speaks of are taking initiative and planning details. Auriemma-McKay suggests clients being involved in the decision-making process, which includes working along with the involved parties such as an architect, contractor, and so on. As a contractor, we strive for this outcome when we do projects because we see the value of clients being involved. Not only will this strengthen their voice and be visible in the project’s outcome, but it will also make the remodeling experience more rewarding and memorable. Meanwhile, precise planning goes over issues already started. There are factors such as restrictions, budget, time, and so on that need to be accounted for during a project so these factors don’t stand in the way of success. Along with these are some unavoidable issues such as weather, so while weather can’t be worked around, it can at least be prepared for. Any professional in the industry with experience under their belt knows the importance of planning and how a project’s budget and project restrictions aren’t factors to overlook.

These steps can be beneficial in any project, and reflect what most professionals do. Many of these steps overlap with what has already been previously said in Auriemma-McKay’s guide and in our blogs, as planning, research, etc., are crucial to the process and not just suggested steps. At Fine Remodeling, we are your Delaware contractor and we also believe in the points highlighted through this process, as they pave the way to creating a successful and memorable renovation project. Get in touch with us about your next renovation project so you can be sure it's done right the first time. Visit our contact us page and see our calendar to select a day/time for a discussion about your project.


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