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Handling Renovation Problems as a Professional

Proper planning and good decision-making are integral to the success of a remodeling project, but even with precautions, it’s possible for problems to pop up. These issues can range from unforeseen circumstances such as weather delaying work being done, or previously hidden issues like discovering a structural problem within the project itself. As such, not only is being able to create solutions a must for any contractor, but the quality of the solution and how its implemented is what sets apart regular contractors and professionals.

As a professional contractor, we handle problems and craft their solutions in a particular way that is relevant to our values. When we are met with an obstacle, we have to think of how the project is affected—specifically, how the three pillars of construction are affected. There are three factors that we consider: scope of work, project timeline, and cost. In construction, it’s important to balance these three as much as possible, because in reality you can only focus on two. For example, if quality work is wanted (scope of work) in a short amount of time, the cost will be high. Meanwhile, if work is done quick and cheap, the quality of the work will be affected by this and will turn out poor. There’s a push and pull relationship between these three factors, and as a contractor we strive to balance all three in the best possible way. So, when a problem comes up, all three factors are affected. If during a project, we have a wall opened up and find termite damage, we are now tasked with dealing with that issue. The scope of work is now different, the timeline is affected because there’s an additional task, and additional work means the project’s price will increase. We want to pick the most economical solution in this scenario, and having creative solutions helps us proceed in a way that’s best for our client. Other contractors may not think of a solution that balances these three factors, but we believe in their importance to both the success of the project and the happiness of the client.

Our values as a contractor extend past just generating creative solutions. Once we have a solution that balances these three pillars of construction, we can evaluate how adequate said solution is. This means going beyond just fixing whatever issue pops up. Is the problem just an isolated issue or is it a symptom of an underlying issue? To properly handle a problem, we want to see the entire scope of what’s wrong and deal with its source instead of just fixing what’s visible. If we find a rotted wall, it’s not enough to replace the wall--we want to find out what caused the wall to rot because if that isn’t addressed, this problem will only come back for the client. Not all contractors will look for the underlying issue, they may just treat the symptom instead of the source. However, any professional will know the importance of tackling a problem in full, which is why hiring a professional contractor is key to a successful project.

No one wants to run into an unforeseen circumstance during a renovation project, but professional contractors are fully equipped to deal with these issues if/when they arise. As a contractor, we want our clients to feel confident in us and their project, and part of that stems from them trusting us to do our part and handle their project in the best way possible. Here at Fine Remodeling, we are your Delaware contractor devoted to delivering projects of only the highest quality. Get in touch with us about your next renovation project so you can be sure it's done right the first time. Visit our contact us page and see our calendar to select a day/time for a discussion about your project.


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