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Interior Doors: Overlooked But Still Important

When compared to their exterior counterpart, it can be easy to overlook the importance of interior doors. While exterior doors are tasked with keeping the home secure and aiding in keeping the elements outside of the home, interior doors do not have the same responsibility. Despite this, they are not a component to be overlooked. Interior doors help contribute to the home’s interior aesthetic, as the type of material used can create a certain atmosphere in a home. Additionally, interior doors still have a function in acting as passageways between rooms, keeping rooms secure, and dulling any noise. As such, even interior doors should be taken seriously when it comes to their installation. Understanding what issues can happen when it comes to interior doors helps make sure they are properly maintained.

Warping is a common issue throughout construction since it naturally happens to wood. It is possible for interior doors to become warped, and this becomes an issue if the door ends up inoperable. Performance guidelines state that a ¼ inch tolerance, when measured diagonally from each corner, is acceptable. In areas such as bathrooms, there should be an accessible window or fan to help minimize moisture, as this causes the door to warp. If the warping is excessive, the door may need to be replaced or refinished.

Certain types of doors will face different issues. For instance, bifold and bypass doors may come off their track when being used. If they’ve just been installed, these doors must function properly on their track. To ensure that bifold and bypass doors continue to function, they should be treated delicately when used, more so than common doors with just a hinge that do not sit on a track. Wooden doors may also face an issue with a wooden panel shrinking or splitting. Performance guidelines state that if a wooden door panel splits or shrinks to an extent that light is visible through the door, it is excessive and needs repair. These splits can be fixed using fillers. 

There are other issues with interior doors that don’t necessarily have a tolerance, so if they are observed, they should be repaired as soon as possible. Doors shouldn’t swing open or close due to gravity alone, door hinges shouldn’t squeak, and interior doors should operate smoothly when opening. Upon a door’s installation, none of these issues should occur and if they do, it could be a sign of improper installation and should be fixed.

Though interior doors can be easily overlooked, they still have a functional aspect and are still crucial when it comes to a home’s interior design. So, making sure they are installed correctly is an important part of any remodeling project. Here at Fine Remodeling, we are your Delaware contractor experienced with the various performance guidelines to ensure that your project proceeds smoothly. Not only that, but we are determined to go beyond just satisfactory so your project can become a reality. Get in touch with us about your next renovation project so you can be sure it's done right the first time.

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