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Kitchen Renovation: Our Methods for a Quality Project

Being a professional in any field, but especially construction, means having experience and individual methods that contribute to quality project. As such, when we take on projects, the journey and process itself are vital to our results. We've mentioned before a kitchen renovation project we are taking on, where the previous layout didn't work in favor to the new homeowners. With this project being underway, we can highlight how we do certain tasks and why.

Quality control is one method we employ for a great project, and we’ve done this recently for where we are in this kitchen project. We recently received cabinetry, and there are steps that we like to take in these situations. First, we bring all the cabinetry inside, so the wood won’t collect moisture from the garage and can acclimate to the house’s temperature. Second, we remove all the cabinetry components and evaluate them, to ensure everything is correct, and to have time for corrections if there is an error. We label these parts for an easy reassembly and keep them neatly stacked, protecting the cabinet itself. Aside from checking what we receive through deliveries, it’s also integral that we evaluate work we or our hired subcontractors have done. With work such as the first coat of coat, spackling, drywalling, and so on done on the kitchen walls, we want to go back over said walls to search for any imperfections. We do this by using a flashlight and circling any spots that need some extra attention. This allows us to keep track of areas we want to do some touch-ups on.

Utilizing our experience and making judgement calls are other methods that help us deliver quality projects. This has shown up through this kitchen project, as we made one judgement call in particular regarding the floor. Since we changed up this kitchen layout to create more space, some subfloor was exposed. Cabinetry would be sitting on these exposed spots, effectively covering them. So, we made a call to only patch up the floor in areas where it could be seen. This doesn’t affect the final product, and not only does this save some time, it also helps our clients save money that doesn’t need to be spent and can be better allocated elsewhere.

Efficiency and quality control are two major contributing factors to a seamless remodeling project. It’s important to us that we are diligent every step of the way, as through experience we’ve found these methods to work best for us. Here at Fine Remodeling, we are your Delaware contractor dedicated to delivering projects of the utmost quality. Get in touch with us about your next renovation project so you can be sure it's done right the first time. Visit our contact us page and see our calendar to select a day/time for a discussion about your project.


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