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Roof Ventilation & Sheathing: Their Importance and How to Avoid Damages

The roof of any building has multiple components and functions. Aside from just the overall structure, there are other aspects of the roof that should be properly looked after. When it comes to roof sheathing and roof vents, there are potential issues that can pop up. Consumers and contractors alike should be aware of the visual cues that point to problems with a roof as well as their tolerances, so action is taken when needed.

Roof sheathing helps support the roof’s overall structural integrity by distributing weight across the entire expanse of the roof. Sheathing is the layer that sits right below the shingles and helps prevent leakage. However, some issues can pop up that may require attention. Sheathing can end up appearing wavy or bowed. If this is observed, performance guidelines state that it should not bow in excess of ½ inch in 2 feet. In the case that bowing is excessive, action must be taken to straighten the sheathing. This can be achieved through the installation of blocking between framing members to straighten the sheathing. It’s important to note that certain viewing conditions may highlight minor irregularities in the sheathing, so it’s best to go by performance guidelines before making fixes.

Other than irregularities regarding the sheathing bowing, nails/staples can end up being visible through sheathing at overhangs. The sizing of materials used to secure roofing materials is determined by manufacturer’s instructions and building codes, so if guidelines are followed, it’s fine if nails and staples protrude through sheathing at overhangs. These don’t require repair unless wanted due to aesthetic reasons.

Roof vents have a function that can be easily overlooked in comparison to sheathing. They contribute to keeping attic spaces well ventilated, especially when it is hot outside as some attics can be poorly ventilated. A buildup of heat in an attic space is detrimental to the overall health of a roof, as this buildup can damage shingles. So, it’s crucial to look out for potential issues so roof vents are functioning properly. One thing that can be noticed is a vent leaking. Under no condition should a vent be leaking if it was properly installed. This doesn’t include wind-driven rain and snow. In the event that a vent is leaking, the vent needs to be properly installed or replaced.

Ventilation can also end up being inadequate. Since heat buildup can lead to roof damage, insufficient ventilation can end up costly. There are building codes that determine how much ventilation is sufficient, and these codes should be followed to ensure heat buildup doesn’t occur. To avoid damage, roof ventilation should be corrected if heat buildup is happening.

Roofs are an expansive component of any project, and thus there are many things that can potentially go wrong. Knowing what to look out for helps ensure the roof isn’t being damaged, saving time and money in the long run. Here at Fine Remodeling, we are your Delaware contractor experienced with the performance guidelines set to ensure any construction project proceeds smoothly. We are dedicated to not only meeting these guidelines, but going beyond so that your renovation project is more than just satisfactory. Get in touch with us about your next project so you can be sure it's done right the first time.

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Unknown member
May 19, 2022

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