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What Can Go Wrong With Roof Covering?

The covering of a roof is a crucial aspect when it comes to viewing the roof as a whole. Roof coverings ensure the roof is protected so that it can properly protect the rest of the house. Serving as a barrier, the primary function that roof covering does is protect the roof and house from water penetration. So, making sure the roof covering is functioning, it's important to know the warning signs of an incorrectly installed component. The National Association of Home Builder's has a collection of guidelines for things to look out for.

When it comes to roof coverings, one thing that can be noted are leaks from the flashing and roof itself. According to performance guidelines, there are no normal conditions where this type of leaking is expected. If this is observed, whatever issue is causing the leak needs to be repaired. Various factors can cause this. Aside from abnormal weather, leaks can happen due to customer behavior, specifically failure to clean out gutters. It’s important to clean up debris pile up in gutters, as well as roof drains and downspouts. Aside from ice, leaves, and debris cluttering gutters, ice buildup alone can be noted on the roof. This is to be expected, especially during periods of prolonged cold weather. As such, there are no performance guidelines stating that ice buildup is unacceptable.

One issue that is particularly easy to notice is shingles blowing off, which can be a common occurrence due to harsh winds. Due to this happening, shingles are rated and should be installed in accordance to the wind zone as well as building code to prevent them blowing away. If shingles are installed incorrectly or not in accordance to guidelines, they are more susceptible to being blown away. Additionally, properly installed shingled can still lose wind resistance over time just due to wearing down. Still, following guidelines is the best preventative measure.

Furthermore with shingles, it is possible for sheathing nails to end up loosened from the roof framing and cause the shingles to raise up. According to guidelines, the nails shouldn’t be loose enough from the framing to cause the shingles to raise up. Nails can end up loosening from factors such as variations in weather. These nails can be reinstalled or replaced to ensure the shingles don’t end up raised or raise even more.

Roof coverings should be adequate so that the roof itself can do its job. Being on top of potential issues helps in the long run to avoid extensive damages. Here at Fine Remodeling we are your Delaware contractor experienced with performance guidelines as well as what to look out for when it comes to construction projects. Get in touch with us about your next renovation project so you can be sure it's done right the first time.

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